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Thunderbird Email Setup

This tutorial will walk you through the configuration of email using Thunderbird. For this tutorial, we are using Thunderbird 45 on Mac. If you are using a different version or operating system, these instructions may differ.

You can log into your email at webmail.sentree.io

Step 1: Open Account Settings

Launch Thunderbird, click on Tools, and select Account Settings.

Step 2: Add Mail Account

Under Account Actions, click Add Mail Account…

Step 3: Enter Account Information

Enter the following information:

Your Name:

This is the name that will appear on all outgoing mail from the account.

Email Address:

Enter your full email address.


Enter the password for your email address.

Click Continue.

Step 4: Enter Account Information

Enter the following information:

Incoming Protocol: IMAP

Server Hostname: mail.sentree.io

Port 993 (incoming IMAP), 587 (outgoing)






Your full email address


Once you are finished, click Re-Test. Thunderbird will test your account settings and account creation will be complete.