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Development & Staging Sites

Development sites can be used when working on a new version of your website, as a construction area for ongoing development of new enhancements so changes don’t affect live sites, or even as a temporary site to test a new plugin or code change.

All development sites are password protected so no one can view them without a password. This protects the development sites from being indexed by search engines accidentally, keeps attackers from trying to target something that is in progress, and keeps anyone that you don’t want from seeing your new site before it’s ready.

We will even host a project’s development site for free before prior to the project starting, as long as you plan to host the site with us at launch. Just contact us to get a site set up for your new project.

We also include staging sites with all of our hosting plans. These are good as a place to make changes, review, and then push the changes live. We can work with you to not only set up the staging site, but also come up with a good way to push the changes live. Depending on your website features, such as e-commerce, content updates, etc. we can assist with the right strategy for where changes need to take place and how to make them live.