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WordPress Updates

For any WordPress website we manage, our top priority is security, and this starts with software updates. The #1 reason websites get hacked or infected with malware is outdated software. Therefore, we monitor for vulnerable software on your website and perform prompt updates to keep your website secure.

At least once a week, we will review your website for any vulnerabilities in the WordPress core files, plugins, or themes.  If we see any vulnerabilities, we’ll perform a full backup of your website, and update the appropriate software.  We’ll then run automated tests to ensure the plugin did not cause any problems.  If any problems are detected, we will review and attempt to resolve them immediately.  If we cannot resolve them quickly, or the adverse impact to your website is significant, we will restore from our backup.  Depending on what we determine is causing the problem with the software update, we may create a temporary development site based on the backup and attempt the upgrade there in order to resolve any problems before pushing the update on your live site.  We will spend up to 1 hour to get an update working correctly.  If we are unable to resolve the problems in that period of time, we will make sure your site is working correctly, and we will contact you with options on how to handle the update.  Once the updates are complete, we will email you to let you know what has been updated and ask you to review the site as well.  If we noticed any problems with the update, even if we fixed them, we will include that as a note with your notification.

Since our main priority is security, we usually only upgrade vulnerable software.  However, we are happy to upgrade WordPress or any plugin or theme at any time upon request (at no additional cost).  We will still perform a full backup and the same post-upgrade testing when we perform these optional upgrades.