Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This service level agreement (SLA) describes the levels of service that you (‘Client’) will receive from Sentree, and applies to the following services:

Any services provided other than or in addition to the plans identified above are not covered by this SLA.

Sentree aims for 100% uptime by providing a redundant hosting environment.


Any regular maintenance is scheduled between midnight and 5 am local server time. When maintenance is necessary, downtime is usually around a minute. If longer maintenance is expected, we will migrate your site prior to the maintenance beginning.


We will have monitoring set up to check your website availability every 5 minutes, and we will be notified if the website does not respond in a timely manner so we can investigate immediately.


Sentree guarantees production server availability of 99.95%, calculated on a monthly basis. Service availability is defined as the number of minutes service is available in a calendar month divided by total number of minutes in a calendar month (excluding problems caused by Client, problems due to services Client controls, outages elsewhere on the Internet, events outside the reasonable control of Sentree, website code, use that exceeds plan capacity, and emergency maintenance). To verify service availability, Sentree will setup monitoring of Client’s website every 5 minutes with a 30-second threshold. If there are 2 or more consecutive failures, service downtime will be considered between the first and last failure. Downtime of less than 5 minutes in duration is not recorded.


To receive SLA credits, Client must make a request in writing within 30 days of the downtime. Client will receive a 5% credit of Client’s monthly fee for each hour service is unavailable. SLA credits will be added to your Sentree account, and cannot exceed amount Client paid in the given month.